Hi, I'm Ted

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I was born to Bob and Martha Cummings at Sacred Heart hospital here in Spokane.  I grew up on the south hill until my family moved to the north side, primarily so I could have a horse.  After graduating from Gonzaga Prep, I took a job working on a show horse ranch just outside of Mead and there met my beautiful wife Denise. 

Denise and I shared a love of horses and we happily worked in that industry until it eventually collapsed due to income tax changes. I found myself looking for a new career at the age of twenty-eight and became a Steelworker in the Kaiser Aluminum Mead Smelter.

In 1998 a strike and lockout sent me looking for work again, and I was fortunate to end up working an hour north of Spokane for Alcoa in their Magnesium smelter, but due to global economics, that smelter too closed.

I transferred to upstate New York with Alcoa to do some developmental work on a new pot design used in smelting aluminum, but with my sons graduating, they remained at our home in Chattaroy with Denise. In 2004, on the very day I vested for my pension, I left Alcoa and returned to Chattaroy and my family. 

I later rejoined Kaiser Aluminum and have worked at the valley rolling mill ever since.  I am currently the Clerical and Technical Unit Chairman for United Steelworkers Local 338, an Executive Board member for the Spokane Regional Labor Council, and a District Vice President for the Washington State Labor Council. 

Mission Statement

I decided to run for Spokane County Commissioner when I realized that the incumbent and I did not share the same values.  I believe that our elected officials have a duty to represent everyone and, by that, I mean everyone. I do not believe that anyone is less important than any other, but instead believe all humans deserve respect and dignity. I have a clear vision of how Spokane county and the state of Washington can be a welcoming and functional place for all. I believe we are stronger when we stand together, and I believe in the motto that an injury to one is an injury to all.  I respect the rights and beliefs that people have a right to their own property and way of life, but not at the expense of another person.

I believe that relying on science, empirical data, and subject-matter experts, along with common sense and practicality, are good management tools in my personal and professional life.  I believe in the separation of church and state when discussing public affairs. My personal views should never color a public decision.

I believe that character is paramount, and it is important that I demonstrate and show that in the way I live my life. I am running so that I may be the elected official who leads by example and rebuilds public trust in government, while also a competent and good public steward of tax dollars and public resources. 

I believe in respect and justice for all so that together we may develop an environment free from fear or intimidation or undue government interference.

I believe that every decision should be made with foresight of long-term consequences. In my perspective, the obligation of public office is to serve the public, ensure the public good, protect the environment, and create the infrastructure for wide-spread prosperity for all Spokane residents.

I believe that I should take responsibility for any wrong decision or mistake I make and that I should correct any mistake or modify any decision that would better serve the community.

I believe that our County’s best days are ahead of us and through collaboration and cooperation we can address the needs and requirements for social change.

I want to make Spokane County a place where everyone can have an opinion and find success. 

I believe in hard work and commitment, honesty, integrity and that a person’s word is their bond.  If you share this or a similar vision, I hope you will work with me to make it happen.