Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Spokesman Review

June 13, 2020

Irresponsible gun owners

People have filled the streets expressing their righteous outrage over another flagrant murder of a Black man committed by a person who had taken an oath to serve and protect. It is disgraceful that someone would have to die to bring attention to and correct something so despicable that it should never happen at all.


Among the people assembled here in Spokane and North Idaho were some who dressed in military gear while carrying semi-automatic rifles. I call on our mayors, county commissioners and state representatives to immediately pass ordinances and laws banning this dangerous and irresponsible action. Displaying firearms at a public gathering under the guise of exercising Second Amendment rights is only designed to intimidate and infringe on those exercising their First Amendment rights.


If your discernment is so poor that you feel it is appropriate to bring a firearm to an already emotional and volatile situation, increasing the potential to provoke, escalate and engage in a completely unnecessary lethal confrontation, you have no business owning firearms at all. We have authorized law enforcement to provide for the public safety and the threat to those officers and general public is endangered when misguided untrained, undisciplined fanatics show up waving guns.


Those who show up in public gatherings brandishing firearms should be immediately disarmed, their weapons confiscated, their right to bear arms suspended and they should be cited for public endangerment.


Ted Cummings, Chattaroy